BIM 118

BIM118 Microelectromechanical Systems

Winter Quarter

Course Description

The 4-unit course presents an introduction to the theory and practice of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS). Weekly hands-on laboratory sections will emphasize on implementation and utilization of modern microfluidic devices, self-assembly techniques, tactile sensing principles as well as micro transducer designs. A design project is incorporated in the curriculum to provide student with an opportunity to bring academic exercise to future biomedical applications.

Topical Outline

Micromachining, Photolithography, Soft Lithography, Etching, Deposition, Microfluidics, Self Assembly, Capacitive Transducers, Piezoresistive and Piezoelectric Transducers.


Foundation of MEMS, Chang Liu, Prentice Hall, 2005 (ISBN: 0131472860)

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